Events (Eventi nazionali ed internazionali d'arte)

International Art Convention Airbrush-Show
Genova 15/16/17-April 2005

17-19 June 2005
Aerografica4, Mostra di Pittura ad aerografo per artisti emergenti.
Ospiti d’onore: Karel Kopic (CZ) Mark Wilkinson (GB)
Maurizio Forestan (I) and Renate Frei (CH)
Dimostrazioni e stage gratuiti, banco prova.
Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze –
+39) 055 713 631

Till 6th November 2005
Fascination master-piece - Dürer,
Rembrandt, Riemenschneider
From the Dürer-time till Baroque: 200 top-works from its own collection
Germanisches Nationalmuseum
Kartäusergasse 1
Nürnberg (D)

till 5th December 2004
The epoch of Tizian
Works of the Italian Renaissance-painter (around 1488 till 1576) as well as works of his contemporaries, including Tintoretto, Lorenzo Lotto and Paolo Veronese
Royal Scottish Academy
The Mound
Edinburgh (GB)

26th June 2004 till 19th September 2004
New Bauhaus Chicago
Experimental photography from the New Bauhaus by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Nathan Lerner and others
Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin (D)

18th September 2004 till 22nd September 2004
The international fair for contemporary art
Around 100 galleries from about 25 countries present their artists.
Messegelände Berlin (D)

18th September 2004 till 16th January 2005
Cézanne - early modern arts
Fifty works of the French postimpressionist Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) are set against seventy works by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, André Derain, Henri Matisse and Fernand Léger
Museum Folkwang
Goethestraße 41
Essen (D)

10th September 2004 till 16th January 2005
Flower as a picture from Monet till Jeff Koons
125 paintings, videos, installations, photographs and sculptures by Karl Blossfeldt, Marc Chagall, James Ensor, David Hockney, Paul Klee, Takashi Murakami, Roxy Paine, Georgia O'Keeffe, Pipilotti Rist, Wolfgang Tillmans and others
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl. Strandvej 13
Humlebaek/Kopenhagen (DK)

29th September 2004 till 3rd October 2004
Melbourne Art Fair (AUS)

25th September 2004 till 30th January 2005
Sturtevant - The brutal truth
A retrospective view of hte American Pop-Art-artist Elaine Sturtevant (*1930), who since the sixties reproduces works of her fellow artists, including Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol
Museum f&r Moderne Kunst
Domstraße 10
Frankfurt/Main (F)

7th October till 9th October 2004
Airbrush Live
Young artists show their art
Concordiastra§e 32
Oberhausen (D)

8th October 2004 till 10th October 2004
Modell & Hobby with Leipziger Spielfest
Including a great airbrush-art-exposition
Leipzig (D)

9th October 2004 till 10th October 2004
Airbrush Show
For the fourth time the organizers present artists from Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Moreover there will be on show Elvis' Caddy, Churchill's Humber, James Bond's Austin Martin and many other famous cars.
Automobilmuseum in Holland

10th September 2004 till 9th January 2005
Folkwang: First museum of modern arts - from Gauguin and van Gogh till Dalí
More than a hundred works by Monet, Rodin, Beckmann, Nolde, Franz Marc, Ren& Magritte and others from the collection of the Museums Folkwang in Essen
Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung
Theatinerstrasse 8
München (D)

12th September 2004 till 9th January 2005
A retrospect with 150 paintings of the Spanish surrealist (1904-1989) Palazzo Grassi
San Samuele 3231
Venice (I)

17th September 2004 till 19th September 2004
Locomotive art ... and the Wild 13
An art exposition
In a driving train starting from Altenbeken (D) across OWL, passengers will be confronted with art. There will be several stops for getting out and in. Railroad cars serve as an exposition area. There is for instance a painting-compartment, an airbrush-compartment and a photography-compartment

14th October 2004 till 17th October 2004
Art International 2004
6th International Art Fair
Kongresshaus Zürich (CH)

23rd October 2004 - 24th October 2004
9th International Airbrush Event
Ruhstorf (D)

7th November 2004
A festival with forty international bodypaint-artists.
Putte (B)

27th November 2004 till 28th November 2004
Art- and work-exposition
25 international artists from the fields of airbrush, painting, sculpture, graphic arts etc. present their latest works and demonstrate their skills in the audience's full view.
Hallensaal, Diest (B)
Info: Kunsthuis Chaos
Dorpstraat 54
3200 Gelrode (B)
Int + (0) 16 56 86 58

1st December 2004-2nd December 2004
A David de Graef-retrospect
There are shown a hundred works of the last twenty-five years
Kunsthuis Chaos
Dorpstraat 54
3200 Gelrode (B)
Int + (0) 16 56 86 58

4th March 2005 till 6th March 2005
MarsCon 2005
"Galactic Pirates and Mercenaries"
At the MarsCon there will be celebrated all fields of the Science-Fiction-world. Fancy-dresses, games, music, films, comic strips - and of course Fantasy-art.
Airport Marriott Hotel
Bloomington, MN (USA)

11th August 2005 till 15th August 2005
Tolkien 2005
Aston University, Birmingham, England
Celebrate fifty years "Lord of the Rings ". Lectures, presentations, an art exposition, booths, auctions and more.
For further information please contact:
International coordinator
c/o Span Meadow
Shawbirch, Telford

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